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Written for Makers, by a Maker.

My Parts Chest

Why I wrote the app

I've been an electronics hobbyist for as long as I can remember; now we're called Makers.

I've spent years building my parts inventory. Some I purchased for specific projects, some because the price was right, and others just because they were cool and I knew I'd use them someday.

Problem is, when I'm ready to build something, I have no idea if I have the parts or I can't find them in all my bins, drawers, shelves, boxes, and plastic cases.

So I wrote this app to get things organized and I decided to share it (for free) with other Makers. I hope you enjoy it!


100% Free

The app is free. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Search for Parts

Search for parts on Amazon or our cloud server and add them to your parts chest.

Browse for Projects

Browse and search shared projects on our cloud server and download them into your projects list.


Search, sort, and filter your parts chest by brand, part number, category, or key word.


No need to manually add parts you already have in a spreadsheet. Just save as a CSV and import them to your parts chest.


Once you've filtered and sorted a group of parts, you can export them to an Excel spreadsheet right from the app.


Categories allow you to group your parts by function such as Connectors, Switches, Circuit Boards, etc.


Bins represent physical locations. A bin can be a shelf, a drawer, a box, or even an actual bin.

Stock Quantities

Keep track of how many of each part you have, what condition they're in, and where they are located.

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